Adele’s “Easy on Me” highlights her powerful comeback


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“Easy On Me”

One of the most magical aspects of music is that it can be in tune with your emotions.  Adele, a world-renowned singer, appeals to her fans through her soulful vocals that have the ability to help fans through the toughest of times. The charts were topped with Adele’s smash hits in the inception of the 2010s. Her raw emotion is clearly displayed through her meaningful words that have drawn fans in and kept them admiring her for the past decade and more. The artist took a six-year-long break from releasing music, but this song makes it feel like no time has passed. “Easy on Me” is a lyrical masterpiece that leaves listeners speechless from start to finish. 

Dedicated to her son, Adele uses this song to provide him with clarity pertaining to her divorce from his father, her ex-husband Simon Konecki. She has opened up about how the split took an incredibly deep toll on her, and her evident pain and heartbreak is depicted throughout the course of the song. Even though the target audience is Adele’s son, listeners can relate to “Easy on Me” through their own interpretations, and be reminded that although what they are going through is tough, they are not alone. Adele’s ability to connect with her fans on this personal level is one of the several reasons why she is so unique as an artist. The release of “Easy on Me” confirms the fact that there truly will never be “someone like” Adele.