OPINION: Saying goodbye to the best of the 2010s

By Stephanie Freda

January 24, 2020

As the decade draws to a close, many people, like myself, find themselves reminiscing on childhood memories, whether they be beloved TV shows, iconic movies or show stopping celebrities we all grew up loving. Before starting a...

Surprising snubs for Emmy Awards

By Candace Ortman, Arts & Culture Editor

January 8, 2020

“Euphoria” After its release this past summer, “Euphoria” generated some serious buzz online. Teens were obsessed with the storyline, the soundtrack, the makeup and Zendaya, who plays the main character Rue. Produced by rapper Drake, the show and all of its characters ha...

REVIEW: Mario Kart Mobile runs out of gas

By Jamie Lee Cataldi, Contributor

November 5, 2019

You see it all over teenage girls’ Snap stories. They’ve won their first Mario Kart Mobile game! Congrats! High-five! They think they’re fantastic, until マリオカートzooms past them, leaving them in the dust. As the in...

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