Season 20 episode 20: The one where we say goodbye

By Remi Goldstein, Sports Apprentice

March 11, 2020

A show with six young adults spiraled into an iconic sitcom known by people worldwide and loved by millions. The show, “Friends,” became peoples’ go-to show in times they wanted to laugh, smile and even cry. “Friends...

STAFF EDITORIAL: Tik Tok ‘fame’ isn’t real

March 4, 2020

 With new internet trends and social media platforms, it becomes easy for popularity and “fame” to emerge among users. Tik Tok, the current, popular social media platform, allows teens and other children to have a celebr...

OPINION: Lockdown procedures are ineffective

By Jennie Lathrop, Photo Editor

February 24, 2020

When the infamous “lockdown lady” goes off on the loudspeaker, everyone rushes out of their seats and crams into the classroom corner. The lights go off, the teacher locks the door and everybody stops talking…momentarily. Te...