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“Call Her Daddy” host Alex Cooper finds her path in the world of podcasting

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The “Call Her Daddy” podcast has grown throughout the years along with its host Alex Cooper.

Alex Cooper, the host of podcast “Call Her Daddy,” has taken social media by storm with the redirection of her podcast and success of her media outlet, “Unwell Network.” Cooper continues to stray further away from her days of podcasting about relationship advice and is now interviewing A-list celebrities and using her platform as a way to dissect burning questions from fans. Cooper is prepared to dig deep, and on her April 10 episode, she interrogated former Dance Moms star  Jojo Siwa on her new bad girl personality. She has received overwhelming support from fans when she launched her “Unwell Network” in August of 2023, contributing to the success Cooper has been achieving these past few months. 

Along with bringing bigger guests onto her own podcast, Cooper has passed her podcasting-wisdom down to influencers Alix Earle and Madeleine Argy, who have their own podcasts on the Unwell Network. Both have been thriving with their podcasts “Hot Mess” and “Pretty Lonesome”, which both launched September of 2023. Reality star Harry Jowsey has also joined the Unwell team when he launched his podcast, “Boyfriend Material,” on May 1, 2024. Cooper has carefully curated her team to represent a unique corner of the industry. She has gone to major cities like Austin, TX and Louisville, KY with host Alix Earle as part of a live podcasting tour. The girls answer fan questions and then host a party, posting social media content throughout the event to draw in outside viewers. Cooper’s tenure in the industry had led to a unique understanding of what audiences want to see which has made her company a major success.  

Cooper has slowly been changing the face of her brand for years now, aiming to create more mature content and bringing in top-tier guests. This switch has recently become more apparent with her decrease in solo episodes and shifting of the aesthetic, moving away from the crazy, party-girl reputation it had during Cooper’s early 20s. What once was a podcast filled with fun stories of going out and answering questions written in by fans turned into a sit-down, interviewing podcast. As Cooper matures, her podcast continues to grow and evolve with her, but original fans that have been a part of the “Daddy Gang” since 2018 have had mixed feelings about this, some more hesitant than others to accept the changes. 

The appeal of “Call Her Daddy” in its early years was that it was just Cooper, her former co-host Sofia Franklyn, and the micthere were no guests coming onto the show to be interviewed. Listeners loved the vulnerability coming from Cooper and her old co-host about their dating lives and how their advice influenced their own relationships. Now that Cooper is rebranding everything, some fans are dissatisfied with the new look of the podcast and miss the old charm it used to have. 

Although Cooper is progressing quickly in both professional and personal aspects, she nevertheless makes sure to catch her fans up on the intimate details of her life. On April 24, 2024, Cooper posted pictures with detailed descriptions of the beautiful wedding and honeymoon she and her now husband Matthew Kaplan had shared in early April. To long-time fans, Cooper sharing this personal part of her life with them shows that she values their support throughout the process of adjusting her podcast. 

Every Wednesday is a new surprising episode that Cooper has thoroughly thought out in order to leave fans satisfied. The path Cooper is on may look different from how she first started, but is without a doubt a road to success.

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