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REVIEW: Dua Lipa looks for “Radical Optimism” in every situation

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Dua Lipa’s third studio album “Radical Optimism” was released on May 3.

Pop sensation Dua Lipa marks the “End Of An Era” and the start of a new one with the release of her third studio album “Radical Optimism” on May 3. The upbeat album perfectly captures a summer vibe while also sharing Lipa’s personal experiences and life takeaways. 

The singer released the album that had fans anxiously waiting since the drop of the single “Houdini” in late 2023. To no surprise, Lipa showed up bigger and better than before with the 11-track record that topped music charts. 

Starting off strong, the song “End of An Era” sets the mood for the rest of the album with its fun beat and energetic rhythm. The lyrics dive into Lipa’s feelings about her current partner, Callum Turner, telling listeners how their relationship unfolded and fell perfectly into place. The track also ties in all of the emotions, from nervousness to excitement, that a person goes through when starting a new relationship. 

“Training Season” explores the idea of longing for a partner that reciprocates all the love and thought put into a relationship. She also brings up focusing on self-improvement while working together to build a relationship. Similarly, “Anything For Love” shows the idea of staying committed to a relationship, even when things start to get rocky. Lipa is willing to fight for a partner and put in the time and effort to make it work.

The album as a whole also promotes staying calm when there may be chaos happening in the background. The cover of “Radical Optimism” depicts Lipa in the ocean with a shark nearby. Instead of focusing on the fear she may be feeling from the shark, she looks at the situation through a different perspective and gives herself a new sense of optimism. This is developed through songs like “Whatcha Doing” that symbolizes the fear of giving up complete control when entering a relationship and instead recognizing learning to live with a healthy co-balance.

Although “Radical Optimism” was hyped up to be an album different from Lipa’s past work, it nonetheless sounded very similar to the music style Lipa has tended to stay in through her years of putting out music. Fans loved the album regardless, but many were underwhelmed with tunes that create very similar pictures to her already established discography.

Overall, “Radical Optimism” showed a new side of Dua Lipa while obtaining an abundance of support in the music industry. From catchy lyrics to the incredible vocals, “Radical Optimism” is an unforgettable album.

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Lena Korenstein
Lena Korenstein, Arts & Culture Editor
Lena Korenstein is an Arts and Culture Editor for the Wessex Wire. She loves being a dancer and can be found listening to music at any minor inconvenience. Lena makes liking the High School Musical movies her personality, enjoys hanging out with friends and family and loves keeping up with the latest celebrity gossip.
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