OPINION: Saying goodbye to the best of the 2010s

By Stephanie Freda, Lead Arts and Culture Editor

As the decade draws to a close, many people, like myself, find themselves reminiscing on childhood memories, whether they be beloved TV shows, iconic movies or show stopping celebrities we all grew up loving. Before starting a new chapter of our lives, let’s take one more look back on our childhood and the things that shaped us into who we are as a generation today.

Some of my favorite TV shows I grew up watching were “SpongeBob SquarePants,” “Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and “Wizards of Waverly Place.” There were so many other shows I loved, but these are the top three I find myself constantly referencing or wanting to rewatch. Not only do I reference these shows on a daily basis because I watched them so often, but I also find it crazy that actors and actresses that I looked up to in these shows grew up with us.

As a generation, we watched actors and actresses such as Cole Sprouse and Selena Gomez star in these shows as 13-and 14-year-olds. As we grew up, we also watched their careers take off. Gomez is now a successful singer-songwriter while Sprouse is starring in shows such as “Riverdale” and films like “5 Feet Apart.” There is something so strange and existential about these TV shows ending and these beloved celebrities grow older.

Along with the iconic TV shows, movies such as “High School Musical,” “Camp Rock” and “Lemonade Mouth” also found a way to make a lasting imprint on our childhood. Heartthrobs such as Zac Efron and the Jonas Brothers found themselves on the big screens in iconic childhood movies that shaped us into who we are today. Songs from these movies such as “We Rock” and “All in This Together” still live on as me and many others scream the lyrics with our friends when they come on shuffle. Nothing will ever beat having a marathon of all these beloved films as we bust out into songs that we still somehow know the lyrics to.

Unfortunately, there were many celebrities who we had to leave behind in the 2010s but will never forget. Most recently, the death of famous rapper Juice WRLD shook a majority of us, as he was only 21 and just getting his career started. Some other popular celebrities we had to say goodbye to in this decade include Whitney Houston (2012), Paul Walker (2013), Nelson Mandela (2013) and Robin Williams (2014).

Also, some celebrities such as Cameron Boyce (2019), lost their lives due to extreme medical conditions. I am beyond upset that these talented stars will never see the future. They may not be with us anymore but their impact on our generation and those after us will remain eternal.