Politics: Theme Issue 2016

WE THE PEOPLE of the Wessex Wire have created this issue in light of the upcoming election. To keep up with the candidates and parties, it is important to stay politically inclined. Whether Democrat, Republican or perhaps an Independent, there are a few things to become aware of as November approaches. For your convenience, the staff has provided you with the most important tools to be informed in the field of politics.


FAQ: What’s up with the 2016 election?

Social studies scholar turned politician

W.E. grads follow political aspirations

Mayors give advice on why students should speak out


Staff Editorial: World of politics in need of manners

Does It Bother You? Party polarization to blame for near extinction of the rare ‘moderate’

Opinion: Media fails the public

Opinion: Parents shape political ideology of children to a fault

Opinion: Candidates’ intentions subject to skepticism


Fact or Fiction: Which candidate is telling the truth?

Don’t know, don’t care: A case for political apathy

The conning connotation of a candidate’s last name

Arts and Culture

Enough political news: Let’s watch some political movies

‘Conservative Cait’ throws her support behind candidate Cruz

‘Hamilton’ discovers the fun in American history

‘O.J.’ brings back the juice


The difference 10 years hasn’t made for Duke University lacrosse

Athletes can use success to change political landscape