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Staff Editorial: World of politics in need of manners

By the Editorial Board

It’s a healthy part of today’s political customs to be able to debate with others who do not share the same views as you. However, with this freedom comes the responsibility to not only support your own opinion, but accept that others will not always have similar beliefs.

Whenever politics are discussed, especially with the upcoming election, it is common that innocent debating and disagreement can lead to stubborn argument. Despite associated parties and political ideas, it’s important to state your beliefs in a respectful and calm way. Of course, when discussing certain controversial topics with others who have dissenting fundamental views, it is normal to try to persuade others to see your side. While proving your point, though, keep in mind that no one ever won a debate by being close-minded.

In order to ensure you are being respectful when discussing with someone else, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. These include not interrupting, refraining from eye-rolling and acknowledging the other person’s side.

As seen from the current presidential race, the candidates have not proven their abilities to respectfully debate. Trump, for example, must not have been informed of the proper way to debate, as he has shown in recent debates. That does not mean that debating—on any level — should exhibit Trump’s offensive behavior. After all, politics arose from the goal of making the lives of citizens better through helpful legislation.

Notorious problems with politics stem from those who cannot “agree to disagree.” If it is instilled in students that political respect is essential, this can dramatically affect the disregard we see among political officials on a national level.

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