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Mayors give advice on why students should speak out

By Cathryn Kessler ’16

John Duthie, mayor of Roseland

What would you say to students who feel apathetic toward politics?

Students have a voice, whether it is their individual voice or a voice representing them as a group.  We live in a great country where we have the freedom to express our individual and collective thoughts.  … My question to those who are apathetic to government and politics is, “Why would one choose to be silenced?”

What are you hoping to see as a result of the upcoming election?

It appears as though the American people have become angry with the status of our country and that they have become disenfranchised with the current organized political parties.  … Now, more than ever before, the citizens of the United States along with the rest of the world need to recognize our new President as being one that truly represents the voice of the people of America.

Edward Abbot, mayor of Essex Fells

Why did you decide to become Mayor?

As the Mayor of Essex Fells, I have opportunity to give back to the community. Throughout high school, I was always a part of the student body government. When I attended West Essex High School, I served as the President during my Junior and Senior years. I felt that I could really make change in local politics which is rewarding. Being the mayor is not something I only do for my town, but I did for myself.

What would you say to students who feel apathetic toward politics?

It is important to be involved. This is your world. My parents were a part of the greatest generation, however my generation has messed it up. I am confident that the upcoming generation has the potential to make a change and make this country to what it once was. … And make a change on a local problem. School, town: you can make an impact for the better.

Mayor Gasperinin, mayor of Fairfield

What would you say to students who feel apathetic toward politics?

As long as they have an opportunity to become involved as well as express their positions, there should be no  reason for apathy or a cynical opinion of government.  The youth of our nation is our future and it seems very natural to me that they should play a role in its direction.  It is extremely important that the youth of our nation become engaged as early as possible so that they can take part in shaping the community, state, and country that they live in.

What are you hoping to see as a result of the upcoming election?

As many people as possible do their civic duty and vote in this election.  Many have given their lives to protect our right to freedom, and whoever is elected this November, whether it be on a local, state or federal level should have been elected by a majority of the population rather than a small percentage.

Mayor Alessi, mayor of North Caldwell

Why is it important for students to be involved with politics?

There is an expression, “he who doesn’t know history is doomed to repeat it.” If you do not have a voice in government or around you, you won’t be able to be a decision maker and will just become a follower. … If you are apathetic and do not get involved do not complain. The only way you’re going to get heard and have views in consideration is if you get involved.

What is the political ideology of your town?

North Caldwell is rated the 1 best suburb in United States. We have a beautiful town and we want to keep it that way. Our town is known for distinguished schools and outstanding recreational system. North Caldwell is a special place. We want to keep it that way and make it better.


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