REVIEW: Masquers deliver online joy with ‘Knight at the Theatre’


Masquers cast rehearses for the spring 2021 musical, “A Knight at the Theater” set to be available to buy and stream June 18. Check out their instagram @masquersofwestessex

From the inception of the very first scene, to the moment the cast of the final scene took their final bow, the Masquers of West Essex’s spring musical, “A Knight at the Theatre,” which streamed online on June 18 and 19, was spectacular from start to finish. 

The performances were prerecorded in May in small groups of cast and crew and showcased virtually, but watching it truly felt like sitting in front of center stage of a single-night performance. The fast-paced, engaging production, led by Masquers Director Brittany Hernandez, consisted of five different short musical vignettes: “Bitter Sweet Lullaby,” “The Almost in Laws,” “End of the Line,” “Run this Town,” and “The Cookie Soiree.” Each performance was unique and memorable in its own way, offering imaginative short stories of poignant memories, family acceptance and independence, alongside marching ants and militant Girl Scout troupes. 

Every scene had songs filled with the type of lively energy that has the ability to bring an entire audience up onto their feet! Even while singing behind masks, the cast did not miss a beat, and belted out their songs beautifully. Individual voices were showcased in the solo songs, and the group numbers matched in perfect unison with the beautiful combination of their harmonizing voices and impressive choreography. 

Overall, the Masquers impressively managed to provide onstage chemistry and enthusiasm while capitalizing on a novel online format. The entire cast, crew and production staff delivered their spring musical with enthusiasm and joy, which left the audience smiling until the curtains closed.