Supreme Court nominee sparks partisan battles


Photo courtesy of Rachel Malehorn (CC 3.0)

Amy Coney Barrett is President Trump’s nomination for Supreme Court Justice.

By Kat Trupia, Multimedia & Social Media Editor

President Trump has nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill the vacant seat in the US Supreme Court. The president expressed his endorsement for Barrett on Sept. 26, nearly three days after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. Barrett’s nomination is a dream come true for conservatives, but quite alarming for the left.

Barrett, 48, is a devout Catholic, a mother of seven and beloved by her community. Despite the judge’s extremely busy schedule, Barrett has been described as someone who always makes time to form meaningful relationships with the people around her. Although her resume and experience is quite impressive to some, Barrett’s anti-abortion sentiments have outraged many Americans, mainly the left.

If Barrett is appointed, right-wing justices would outnumber the left 6-to-3, the most conservative Supreme Court since the 1930s. This imbalance could lead to challenges against legal abortion protections, such as Roe v. Wade. President Trump admires Barrett’s dissension of cases like Roe v. Wade and laws such as the Affordable Care Act. With Barrett on the Supreme Court, the Affordable Care Act could be challenged and potentially overturned.

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