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Senator Menendez faced with another bribery case

Photo courtesy of Senate Democrats (CC BY 2.0 DEED)
Senator Robert Menendez has recently been charged with taking bribes from the Qatari government.

Democrat Robert Menendez, New Jersey senator, was charged with accepting bribes from the Qatari government in exchange for favors.  

In addition to the charges of aiding the Egyptian government, on Jan 2. Menenedez was accused of using his influence to help the Qatari government. Federal prosecutors said that Menendez used his position to aid New Jersey developer, Fred Daibes, in gaining financial backing from an investment fund run by a Qatari sheikh (leader), in exchange for bribes, according to a Jan. 2 New York Times article. The payoffs included money, gold bars, Formula 1 tickets and a designer watch.

Despite initially stepping down from his spot on the Foreign Relations Committee, Menendez has not listened to calls for his resignation. He and the other defendants have pleaded not guilty. Menendez denounced all of the allegations against him in front of the Senate.

“The United States Attorney’s Office has engaged not in a prosecution, but a persecution. They seek a victory, but not justice,” Menendez said in a Jan. 9 New York Post article. 

Qatar did not immediately respond to calls for a comment. Although the case does not accuse the Qatari government of illegal activity, it is the most recent in a series of cases where Qatar has attempted to get more power in the United States and Europe through relationships with officials, according to a Jan. 3 New York Times article. 

This is not the first charge Menendez is facing regarding bribery.

In September, Menendez was charged with acting as an agent of Egypt, using his position to aid the Egyptian government while also serving as the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, according to an Oct. 12 Politico article. After his wife and three others were also accused, Menedez stepped down from his position as chairman. 

Menendez continues to deny the charges against him as the case continues.

“After 50 years of public service, this is not how I wanted to celebrate my golden jubilee,” Menendez said in a Jan. 9 New York Times article. “But I have never violated the public trust.”

Photo Credit: “Supreme Court Vacancy, Zika Virus, and Puerto Rico” by Senate Democrats is licensed under (CC BY 2.0 DEED)

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