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COMMENTARY: Podcasting progresses into newest form of mainstream media

Popular online personalities step into their own spotlight on podcasts, here are a few you should queue up!
A popular new medium; Podcasting has taken the media my storm. Here are my top picks!
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A popular new medium; Podcasting has taken the media my storm. Here are my top picks!

As a generation, we have watched media outlets go in and out of trends. We have seen beloved apps like Vine and Twitter die and have witnessed the downfalls and upswings of our favorite TV channels. Now, we are living through yet another monumental change to the media we consume: podcasting. 


The art of podcasting is similar to listening to a radio station but is characterized by a certain niche. They are informal and conversational ways for hosts to talk about their favorite topics as if they were talking with a group of friends. Anyone can create a podcast and talk about whatever topics they choose. Many popular ones cover true crime, pop culture or feature a variety of famous guest speakers. Now, nearly every influencer, celebrity and average person has a podcast and fans get to see their favorite online personalities in their own spotlight. Since 2022, podcasting has been the host to over 82 million listeners, according to Here are four podcasts to add to your queue next time you’re looking for something to listen to.  

“Between Us Girlies”

Philadelphia TikTok influencer @bran_flakezz, best known for his chaotic weekends going out and debriefs, hosts “Between us Girlies” with three of his  friends, Bailey, Lindsay, and Casey. The four debrief on all things influencers, social media and nightlife with their own unhinged, hilarious spin. For listeners, “Between Us Girlies” is relatable and wholesome, sharing the highs and lows of everyday life while bringing high energy to everyone at home. 

One of their best episodes followed the four on their annual “Girls trip” to Miami. From their surprisingly small hotel room experience to their crazy night in Miami, the episode is filled with laughs, plot twists and many relatable moments where listeners can put themselves in the exact shoes of the four hosts.


“Hot Mess with Alix Earle”

Everyone’s favorite internet sensation, Alix Earle, hosts one of the most popular podcasts on the internet. Alix Earle is celebrated for her getting ready videos, going out in Miami and ultimately living out the ideal 20-year-old experience. Each episode highlights pivotal moments in Earle’s life. She has gotten very vulnerable on her podcast reflecting on hard times in her life like dealing with mental and physical health struggles. Her friends, boyfriend and family make special appearances in some episodes, giving listeners an even more exclusive look into Earle’s life.

Fans are eager to hear what each episode holds, and Alix Earle knows how to deliver. Through her humor and spunk, Earle perfectly articulates the defining aspects of her life for all to enjoy.


“Crime Junkie”

For all of the true crime, mystery and horror lovers, “Crime Junkie” is the perfect podcast to feed your spooky obsession. In each episode, hosts Ashley and Britt break down various true-crime stories. Each story is unique; some are closed cases while others are ongoing, but all have their own shocking qualities. Ashley and Brit keep listeners engaged the entire episode as they maintain the perfect tone and pace, making sure the stories aren’t too drawn out or too fast. Listeners can make their predictions on what they think the outcome of each case is.

“Crime Junkie” has repeatedly been voted the number one true-crime podcast on the internet and has some of the most loyal listeners who keep coming back for more. 


“Bachelor Happy Hour”

Bachelor franchise alumni, Serena Pitt and Joe Amabile, host “Bachelor Happy Hour”, a commentary on all things “The Bachelor.” The episodes feature several participating “Bachelor” cast members as well as former contestants to give the inside scoop of dating on reality TV. Each episode features a new person and their unique experiences on the show as well as several accounts of cast drama.

Since fans are eager to get more of this season’s bachelor, Joey Graziadei, “Bachelor Happy Hour” is currently featuring a few of Joey’s girls, keeping fans in the loop of this season. From infamous bachelor drama to America’s favorite cast member, this podcast is certainly not one to miss. 


“Feel Better, Live More with Doctor Rangan Chatterjee”

In this health and fitness podcast, Doctor Chatterjee aims to simplify health and wellness, giving all listeners the tools to improve their quality of life. Dr. Chatterjee understands that adopting monumental lifestyle changes isn’t feasible, so he does his best every week to articulate accessible ways to improve your mind, body and soul. Dr. Chatterjee brings his professional background to the table providing accurate information for all listeners and brings in various other professionals. 

Especially for high school students, listening to a health and wellness podcast can be pivotal in breaking toxic habits and developing a better, more optimistic mindset while tackling everyday challenges. 

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