2000-era looks are back in style? That’s hot.

Iconic 2000s icon Paris Hilton struts her low-waisted jeans and cami top, unknowingly setting the style for 2021 fashoon.

Photo by "Paris-Hilton-Pink-Chanel-Cambon" by AshleyCooper is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Iconic 2000’s icon Paris Hilton struts her low-waisted jeans and cami top, unknowingly setting the style for 2021 fashoon.

Although your parents may have suppressed the iconic–and sometimes questionable–style that characterized the ’00s, modern teens have made it their goal to bring low waisted jeans and yoga pants back into the spotlight. Following in the glittery footsteps of Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Nicole Richie, girls are snatching their older sisters’ juicy couture tracksuits buried in their closets and rebranding the fashion for 2020. 

As TikTok’ continues to gain popularity, the app has strayed from solely providing comedic relief to accommodating different genres of people and their interests. For one, people have started to outlet their fashion sense onto the app, creating videos showing off their closet and trying on clothes from massive shopping hauls. Consequently, new fashion trends have spread like wildfire among teens dying to be ahead of the game–but are these trends really new?

Absolutely not. The notion that history repeats itself reigns true even in the fashion world, for every decade or so, people rediscover their fashion magazines buried under their beds and recycle the styles, claiming to be ‘vintage.’  That being said, lace camisole tops, tiny hand bags, funky rings and denim everything have become stores’ hot commodity this year. However, for those truly dedicated to encompassing the 2000’s style, thrift shopping has become a glorified phenomenon for teens to buy clothes actually from the ’00s era rather than from stores trying to emulate it. Teens have modernized this specific style by tagging it as “Y2K,” which stands for 2000s (but sounds much cooler). 

Although teens have Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton to thank for the original Y2K flair, many attribute social media influencer Emma Chamberlain for its resurfacing. As a 19-year-old with a Louis Vuitton partnership and multiple invitations to Paris Fashion Week, Chamberlain has become a style icon for teenagers who grew up watching her Youtube videos since 2017. The moment Chamberlain showcases a unique outfit on her social media, teens go running to grab the clothing before it is sold out. Therefore, when Chamberlain posted herself wearing a pleated denim mini skirt, graphic crop top or flared yoga pants, teens were quick to hop on the Y2K trend. 

In a world of constant modernization and cultural advancement, the one facet that people can not seem to move on from is fashion, for teens are eager to haul ’00s fashion into 2021 (hopefully leaving the dresses over skirts trend behind) and relive the world 20 years ago. 

As our favorite Y2K fashion icon Paris Hilton would say: “That’s Hot.”