COVID-19 slowdown allows West Essex to quickly upgrade campus

By Ciara Morrissey, Senior Chief Sports Editor

In a pandemic-ridden society, the world comes to a standstill. Businesses are shut down, schools are closed and home goes from a safe haven to a sanctuary. But as always, life must go on. As COVID-19 rages across the globe and society upgrades what is considered normal, facilities across the West Essex campus have been getting upgrades of their own. 

Renovations across Jay L. Hand Dr. vary in size and procedure, but nonetheless, just as important. Whether it’s going green with LED energy efficient light fixtures in the parking lots or new shiny flooring in the HS East Gym, staff members have been working tirelessly to give the campus a fresh off the racks feel. Most noticeably in the high school is the extensive construction both cafeterias have gone under. 

“[The] walls have been refinished, repaired, primed and painted.” Secretary of Buildings and Grounds Department Shara Lekston said. “New ceiling grid and tiles have been installed in the soffit along with new energy efficient LED light fixtures throughout.  The flooring has also been repaired in certain locations. After the cafeterias are completed, our next goal is to hopefully renovate the High School kitchen and serving area.” 

Although the pandemic has brought moments of sadness, there’s some positivity to it. Grounds staff have been able to complete projects that would normally take multiple summers in just the sheer span of months. This means that whenever we can put COVID-19 behind us, and we all return to the building safely, we will be experiencing some flashy upgrades on our campus.