OPINION: Quarantine taught us some positive lessons

By Carly Feuerstein, Features

West Essex students and teachers tried to make the best out of quarantine and tried different activities to help with boredom. While everyone was going through this tough time, many lessons were learned. This year overall has been crazy but with friends and family supporting each other, the West Essex community will continue to remain positive. 

“The Corona Virus was very unexpected and made me realize how important it is to value not only your family but friends too,” junior Lilli Benevenga said. Not being able to see friends and family for a month showed the world that you should not take anything for granted. 

“There were many opportunities to do something you always wanted to try,” teacher Amber Tobia said.“I completed an 8 week nutrition plan and it was my first time doing one and moving forward I know how to keep myself on track and not feel that anxiousness I felt at the beginning of quarantine,” she said.

There are many goals people have for next year. “2020 has been a crazy and scary year and I just want to be able to be around people without being nervous of getting sick,” junior Bella Slaeen said. No one ever pictured  themselves being scared to touch or be near someone or something. 

“A life lesson I learned is the importance of spending time with family. I became so close with my family over quarantine and I am so grateful,” said senior Mike Aktas. Being with the same people for months straight is very hard but being able to form a closer relationship with family is more important now than it ever was. 

“Moving forward, I know how to keep myself on track to not feel that anxiousness I felt at the beginning of quarantine,” Amber Tobia said. This year has taught everyone how to deal with stress and anxiety on their own. “I learned how my body reacts to staying in bed all day and I wanted to change that by running around my block at least once a day,” Bella Slaeen said. No one has ever experienced something like this before but since everyone is in it together, we will get through it. 

The West Essex community hopes to have a normal and healthy school year. With a hybrid schedule and daily cleaning, we will continue to make the best out of it and stay extra careful. Even during these times, we’re doing the best we can to protect each other.