Harry Styles cast for new psychological thriller

By Kat Trupia, Multimedia & Social Media Editor

It’s safe to say that 2020 has not treated Harry Styles fans with kindness. After his highly anticipated Love on Tour was postponed due to the pandemic, fans have been eager to see what the superstar has up his sleeve. But fear not – or should I say, Don’t Worry Darling, an upcoming psychological thriller that will feature Styles as a leading role. 

Darling will be directed by Olivia Wilde, known for her critically-acclaimed film Booksmart (2019). Wilde selected a star-studded cast, including Styles, Florence Pugh (Little Women), Chris Pine (Wonder Woman) and Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades of Gray). Shia Lebouf was originally cast for Styles’ role, but was forced to leave the project due to a scheduling conflict.

The film takes place during the 1950s, focusing around a dystopian society in the California desert. Pugh will be starring as an unhappy housewife, with Styles as her husband. While little else is known, Darling uncovers dark secrets about Pugh, Styles and their seemingly picturesque life.

After his role in Dunkirk (2017), fans are excited for Styles to return to the silver screen. Senior Veronica Mierzwa, a fan of Styles’ music, is looking forward to seeing him outside of the music world.

“I think [Darling] will be a movie for so many types of audiences,” Mierzwa said. “I definitely plan on seeing it because [Styles is] one of my favorite singers, and the dystopian movie itself will be very interesting.”

Junior Tiana Pimentel expressed a similar opinion.

“I honestly do want to see it,” Pimentel said. “If that means putting dollars in Harry’s pocket, so be it.”

Darling began production in early fall, with no announced release date. Until then, Styles fans will just have to hang tight and stream his 2019 album Fine Line for the 500th time.