REVIEW: The next bad movie: “Jumanji”

By Cristian Cataldo, News editor

“Jumanji” with Robin Williams has always been one of my favorite movies. I can remember when my brother first showed it to me when I was very young, and how I completely fell in love with the adventures all the characters took. I have always loved movies that are shot with animals at a tropical location, but this movie did not live up to the hype the first two movies did. There are moments where Jack Black is incredibly funny, but it is usually just one line jokes; he was only funny for a very short amount of time.

In the movie, the acting is pretty good, but the storyline is a little dragged on. There is only so much that writers and producers can think of for a trilogy of films. The first “Jumanji” with Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black was easily better than “Jumanji: The Next Level.” From the jokes to the actual plot of the story, everyone in the first movie was extremely funny. I feel in the first movie, it was one of Jack Black’s best and funniest roles. He was playing a 17-year-old girl that gets anything she wants. His voice and mannerisms have to be the highlight of the entire movie.

There is no excuse as to why he wasn’t playing that for this entire movie. The best of the entire movie was when Jack Black turned into the girl. He actually plays an amazing 17 year old girl. “Jumanji: The Next Level” was easily a 5.5/10 because it just didn’t give a new adventure with clever lines. The core cast is very likable and funny, but the lines aren’t as funny as their first movie. Hopefully the movies stop here and production will quit while they’re ahead. They now have two movies, and we all know that the second one is never better than the first one.