Hop on the new trends and lose the old

By Tali Offir

If you’re wondering how to strut into this year with style, we’ve got you covered. Each year, certain fashion trenzies take over the teen population, and 2020 is no different. Whether it was chunky sneakers or the flannel takeover at West Essex, 2019’s fashion was quite memorable: From accessories to statement clothing pieces, last year had it all. Many will stick around with us in 2020, but some won’t make the cut. Here are some of the fashion trends from 2019 that must stay and some that must go.


1) Belts

This waist-cinching trend pulls an outfit together with this one simple accessory. All designers are taking part in this trend that easily makes a boring outfit interesting. We are seeing them everywhere from the modeling runways to the West Essex hallways.

2) Flannels 

Flannels have taken West Essex boys by storm. The trend floods the hallways, and no one’s complaining. Usually worn over a sweatshirt with either khakis or sweats, it’s a simple yet attractive style that is here to stay in 2020. 

3) Mom Jeans

Whenever the word “mom” comes into play, the average teenager gets embarassed, but not in this case. Mom jeans were a big trend that eventually went out of style, but now they are back. Distressed or not, this style floods the streets.

4) Oversized T-shirts

The oversized t-shirt trend flooded the closets of teenage girls of course because of the fashion aspect, but more importantly, it is comfortable and casual. The skin tight trend may be passing, as the baggy and oversized trend takes over.



1) Chunky Filas/Sneakers

The chunky Filas have probably become the most hated shoe of the year. These were all the rave until people realized that the shoes that were meant to be ‘different,’ are simply just ugly. As these shoes were the peak of sales last year, everyone’s finally starting to realize that it’s time for them to leave the shelves. 

2) Biker Shorts

The skintight legwear made for cycling and efficiency have made their way to fashion runways. The trend that has taken over celebrities and models can only be pulled off by very few people. The unflattering, forced look on the average woman should stay in 2019. 

3) Uggs 

I love Uggs just as much as the next person, but the extra tall and very short Uggs have to go. The outdated style of this Australia boot has stuck around for years —  a few years too long. The tall boots up to your knee are officially out of style. 

4) Tiny Sunglasses

These super tiny sunglasses that barely perform their function took off in 2019. Models like Gigi Hadid love this trend, but they lack practicality and seem to be one of the most bizzare trends. Although celebrities and Instagram influencers are still all about it, the trend seems to be dying out as 2020 begins.