Boys Volleyball sets up for success

By Remi Goldstein, Sports Apprentice

The West Essex boys volleyball program has been on the rise for the past few seasons and hopes to make a great impression in the county this spring. The team has had a hard time forming chemistry, due to the fact that most players join when they are seniors. However, Coach William Humes and Coach Bryan McNaught plan to develop a strong program that attracts both underclassmen and upperclassmen in the years to come.

“Based on the popularity of the first Turkey Classic, I can guarantee that you’ll find me at the next one scouting potential players” Coach McNaught says. 

The Knight’s record of 13-8 last year allowed them to move up into the top flight in the county this spring. Coach McNaught expects that as long as the team works hard, they will find success in their new division. 

“Coach Humes and I expect the team to work hard, to play hard, and to compete every time we step into the gym,” McNaught said. “We have developed a reputation as a hardworking team that is tough out even for the strongest teams in the county.”

Boys volleyball is a growing sport at West Essex, and the boys’ work ethic is setting them up for success in the top division this spring.  The coaches and players aim to build a strong foundation for the program that will prosper this year and in future seasons.