Tesla Cybertruck claims to be the future of the road


(Photo obtained from tesla.com) Tesla unveiled its latest car design, the Cybertruck, at the Tesla Design Studio in Los Angeles on Nov. 21.

By Kylie O'Connor, Contributor

You have heard about it from the news and seen it all over the the meme pages of Instagram, it is Elon Musk’s new Tesla Cybertruck. Released with features such as enough horsepower to beat a Ford F150 in a tug of war and supposed “bulletproof windows” these are not all the Cybertruck has to offer. Although the futuristic design is causing controversy among consumers, one thing consumers can’t argue about is the vehicle’s environmental benefits.

For starters, Musk combined the revolutionary features of his many Tesla models into his new cybertruck. According to reporting from Live Science, this includes the self driving feature of course and along with lithium ion batteries to recharge, it contains a solar roof which can improve the range the truck can travel without burning gas. While bigger and bulkier compared to all other electric vehicles, including Musk’s own, the Cybertruck’s overall efficiency is much greater compared to the average truck. 

“Even the best gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicles would have to double or triple their fuel efficiency to come close to EVs,” according to Live Science writer Michael D. Mehta.

The Cybertruck would leave half the carbon footprint that a regular-sized, fueled truck would leave meaning it is doing its part in cutting the amount of air pollution. In fact, the battery pack in the Musk’s newest release is so large that it has the capability of powering homes during blackouts. While the battery of the vehicle is already so ecologically helpful, the solar roof mentioned before is an example of the renewable energy sources being implemented furthering the positive impact it will have. 

Within a week of its release, the Cybertruck pre-orders reached 250,000, so many are already seeing past its funky design and into the future for the ecological benefits it boasts.