Taking a walk on the wild side


Design by Lara Del Vecchio

By Lara Del Vecchio, Art Director

From the hallways of West Essex to almost every Instagram feed, Snapchat story or Facebook post, jungle and safari-inspired looks have taken over both social media and the fashion industry. 

Animal print has been present in fashion for some time now, whether it be alligator purses, snakeskin shoes or zebra carpets, but the ferocious craze exploded in the clothing industry almost a year ago and continues to dominate today. Unlike other trends that came and went, animal print remains a favorite.

“I love wearing animal print because it is exotic and fashionable,” senior Emily Holleuffer said.

Although more common in female clothing, animal print has also made an appearance in men’s fashion. Now more than ever wardrobes are flooded with prints from the wild side including snakeskin, cheetah and zebra. On the weekends, you can catch most girls rocking their animal-print-inspired, going out looks, and during the week, they are lounging out in their comfy, feline patterned joggers and sweatshirts.

Beyond the four towns here in the West Essex district, prominent figures in pop culture are adopting this trend and showing off their favorite animal print styles whether it be on the red carpet or the runway. Kim Kardashian has gone wild during Paris Fashion Week with her head-to-toe leopard print unitard and heels while her sister Kendall Jenner slithered into her matching snakeskin two-piece and killed it. 

Animal print has most definitely marked its territory in the fashion world and has yet to let other patterns, such as camouflage, steal its thunder. As the new decade approaches, make sure you hop on the trend and catwalk into the new year in style.