Friendsgiving: A day of thanks full of friends

Photo Courtesy of Joella Valeriani

By Giuliana Calix, Arts & Culture Editor

Escape your family and celebrate with friends for Friendsgiving! Everyone loves holidays so much so that there was one created, wedged between the more traditional ones. We are currently in the Friendsgiving season.

You won’t find it on the calendar, but a name for this annual festivity—Friendsgiving—has officially made it into everyone’s November schedule. This mashup of the word “friend” and “thanksgiving” refers to a large meal among friends eaten during the Thanksgiving season. The word first appeared around 2007 on Twitter to refer to this informal meal as a replacement for the holiday typically spent with family. 

Friendsgiving is an opportunity to enjoy the best parts of Thanksgiving, without the potentially stressful elements of family gatherings; it’s celebrating with your chosen family, typically before Thanksgiving arrives. Friendsgiving isn’t a typical Thanksgiving meal unless you want it to be. Friendsgiving has believed to become more popular due to the fact that there are no guidelines, though you do dress up nice and eat a big dinner. 

“We started to do Friendsgiving three years ago because we realized we can eat and have fun at the same time,” senior Kayla Blum said. “Friendsgiving is more relaxed, which makes it more fun.”


While some celebrate Friendsgiving before gathering with family for Thanksgiving Day, others gather friends together for a meal after the holiday. People involved in a Friendsgiving event usually bring a food item or drink in a potluck-style celebration. 

“I normally host Friendsgiving because my mom loves to make all the food for us,” sophomore Madison Robertiello said. “But everyone always brings stuff, making the table completely full of food.  I can’t even describe how much food is at our Friendsgiving.” 

A feast among friends to celebrate the fact that they have each other to rely on. Friendsgiving is getting so popular it is almost becoming a real holiday. Gather all your friends, bring all the food and celebrate the Thanksgiving spirit.