The ultimate guide to being a VSCO girl

VSCO has taken over the lives of many teenage girls and inspired new trends.


Alessia Contuzzi

An artsy picture of a VSCO girl's HydroFlask on her desk. This is of course edited with the popular C1 filter.

By Alessia Contuzzi, Contributor

VSCO girls have taken over the Internet with their trendy and seemingly environmentally friendly style. From the rag-looking oversized t-shirts to the overwhelming RedBubble sticker covered HydroFlasks, this new “species” of girls flood the internet with their unique sense of style.

VSCO girls were summer 2019’s biggest Internet craze; as TikTok became famous, so did the VSCO girl joke. Both girl and guy, famous and average TikTokers made fun of VSCO girls by over exaggerating their actions. These TikTokers dress the part and constantly spit “sksksksk,” and “and I oop” into their iPhones.

A VSCO girl has to have all of the following: Birkenstocks, Crocs, athletic shorts, oversized T-shirts, a puka shell necklace, scrunchies, a metal straw, Apple AirPods, a HydroFlask and a Fjallraven Kanken backpack.

Her goal is to look good, but not too good; her hair is a mess, but she has a full face of natural looking makeup on. She has to perfect the messy bun and master her parking skills in her 2019 all-white Jeep Wrangler. She carries her keys attached to her Louis Vuitton key pouch while the rest of her belongings are in her LuluLemon reusable bag. She edits her Instagram pictures to fit the C1 filter theme because if it’s not edited with C1,  it isn’t Instagram worthy. She doesn’t laugh normally; she only says “sksksk.” Oh no, she dropped her HydroFlask? “And I oop!” To her TikTok followers she seems bubbly and unbothered, but only the people who can view her private Snapchat story know about what’s really bothering her.

Although many people make fun of this trend, there are few real VSCO girls out there, or at least in the halls of West Essex.

Teenagers  may own a HydroFlask or a pair of Birkenstocks, but without checking every box on the list, they don’t qualify as one.

“It just bothers me,” sophomore Lily Satz said.  “It’s so unnecessary.”

West Essex students said the meme went too far, and because of it some popular styles are considered socially unacceptable.

“VSCO girls are too basic,” sophomore  Nikki Sepe said. “They ruined trends.”

Although students think that this joke was killed, TikTokers continue to make fun of it. Urban Dictionary named VSCO girls “the Tumblr girls of 2019” because of its similarity to the popular 2013 trend. Like Tumblr girls, VSCO girls peaked for only a few months, and the trend is already on a decline.

“I honestly think the trend of VSCO girls is funny but it will definitely go out of style very soon,” junior Emma Tartini said. “I’m definitely one of those people who  makes fun of them on TikTok.”

Apparently, teenage girls saying “sksksk” and throwing scrunchies at their screen got old real fast. Sadly, VSCO girls had reached their prime in the summer of 2019, but as school came back into session, this species looks like it’s quickly becoming extinct.