What’s next for the 12 varsity letter athlete?


(Photo courtesy of Abby Flynn) Volleyball team huddles up with Jess for one of her last games as a senior.

By Tali Offir, Contributor

Being a three sport varsity athlete isn’t easy for anyone, and having 12 varsity letters at the end of your senior year is an accomplishment only an exclusive few get to attain. From blocking at the volleyball net, swooshing 3’s on the basketball court and hitting home runs on the softball field, senior Jess Coia does it all.

Whether it is off the field and her teammates need her by their side, or the whole team needs someone to get them going, Jess is the girl to go to.

“Jess is very good at picking up everyone else’s mood,” senior volleyball teammate, Natalia Colon said. “She is very positive.”

Her varsity letters have blown away all her friends and family. Despite her success in  high school, she is still scrutinizing her decision to play a sport in college. Athletes get a different college experience than the average student. Coia however, is not sure that’s what she wants. Her teammates said she would thrive at the collegiate level.

“I definitely think she should play in college,” sophomore basketball player and teammate Halle Aschenbach said. “She has so much talent and would be a great asset to any team at the next level.”

Her coaches, though, knowing she could go to college for a sport, respect that this decision is only hers to make.

“I think she could but it’s also a decision that each athlete has to make for themselves based on how they feel and their experience,” varsity volleyball coach William Humes said.

Although playing in college may not seem to be in her future, she has never regretted participating in all these sports.

“I’ve done three sports my entire life,” Coia said. “It’s been really fun. But I think that I should try something new. I think college would be a good time for me to open up to new experiences.”

Picking up a volleyball for the first time in her life freshman year of high school, her hard work earned her a spot on the varsity roster her freshman season.

“I had to work hard to catch up to everyone else,” Coia said.

It is important to note that her teammates do not just think she is a great athlete, but they admire her work ethic and ability to set her mind to something, and always get it done.

“I admire that she gives 110 percent in everything she does,” senior volleyball and basketball teammate Dana Stelter said.

Coia knows that if she wants something, she can do anything. While she keeps her emotions inside, her coaches are aware of the determination and grit she has.

“She just keeps going and going and going,” Humes said. “There’s absolutely nothing she can’t do.”