REVIEW: What’s new with New Dababy?

By Roxanne Boychuk, Contributor

Artist and Rapper Dababy, recently came out with new album “KIRK,” inspired by his father. This album has been very hyped up, but it is controversial whether it deserves its hype.  Dababy is a big and very well-known artist, but a lot of his music has a similar vibe to it. Some find it amusing, and others get bored of it quickly. Dababy’s new album may have more to offer than what he has previously showed the world. 

Dababy is well known for his rap career. Most of his songs consist of a fast beat as well as rapid singing. The first song of his album is named “Intro,” where he mentions his father, giving a deeper meaning to the song. Throughout the album, he continues to mention his dad in some of his songs and how his father’s death has affected him. However, he manages to keep his songs upbeat.

Although his songs have a running theme of being upbeat, Dababy’s songs fluctuate between slower and faster songs, giving the album some variety. After listening to a majority of the songs, it is clear that many of them have a very similar flow. This could be due to the base in the background music or the style of his singing. Regardless of his style that tends to be monotonous, he does get credit for giving the album some variety by featuring big artists. Some artists include Nicki Minaj, Kevin Gates, Lil Baby, Moneybagg, and Migos. 

This album is a great success overall by becoming very popular among younger generations. Dababy’s previous major-label debut “Baby on Baby” was a great help in blowing up the artist and making him known to the public. Many people have split opinions on the album. I personally believe that it is quite repetitive and lacks variety. However, many fans are happy with the high energy of the music, the references to his father, and is features. Regardless of people’s different opinions on the album, Dababy is starting to grow as an artist and we are excited to see what he does in the future. Overall, I would give this album a B because he seems to be growing as an artist, he just has not reached a very good place yet.