Q&A with Mr. Glenn

By Isabelle Farina, Contributor

Tim Glenn is a freshman World History teacher who has been a part of the West Essex staff for 30 years now. Glenn is famous for his relationship with his students beyond freshmen year and his comedic personality. Even though he has been at West Essex for so long, there is more to him that people know.

1) Describe your perfect day. 

Instead of fantasizing of a dream life, Mr. Glenn is content with his simple life. “Listen, I think I live a perfect life. I really like my life. So I would walk my dog, I would come to work. I absolutely love work…Maybe instead of like eating in school food I would eat a lot of barbecue. I love barbecue… Then I would walk my dog.”

2) What’s a fun fact many people don’t know about you?

“Everybody knows everything about me so I don’t know… No fun facts.”

3) How many visitors do you get on a daily basis? 

“I can’t count that high. I say at least at least 10 or 12. Depends on the day.”