REVIEW: The “Unbelievable” new Netflix show

By Mimi Ali, Contributor

“Unbelievable” is the Netflix show that has caught everyone’s attention. Based on a true story, it’s hard not to grit your teeth while watching this show. It tells a story about an 18-year-old woman, Marie Adler, who is accused of lying by two male detectives about being raped. Later in the show, it is introduced that two female detectives who investigate similar attacks to Adler are also described. Years later, a serial rapist caught across the country comes with evidence showing Adler was actually raped. Connections are made as this inspiring, thought-provoking show uncovers the truth. 

The precise filming and the accuracy of the real life relation take the cake. According to an interview with Susannah Grant, she felt that this new limited Netflix show should start an important conversation in today’s society. 

With outstanding emotion from the actors, the direction of the show took time to make it creative and effective. Every time a victim talks about their attack again, the scene would shift into a flashback which really set the mood. Starring Toni Collette, Merritt Wever and Kaitlyn Dever, they deliver an outstanding performance of the true story. 

Keeping up with the horrific story, “Unbelievable” keeps you intrigued in all eight episodes. Those 45-minute-long episodes zoom by as if only two minutes had passed. You could’ve started this show at 11 a.m. and all a sudden finish it at 8 p.m. all in one sitting- at least that’s what I did. 

Like Kaitlyn Dever’s fictional counterpart, Adler was a part of the foster-care system and had been abused. However, unlike her counterpart, she left her Costco job handing out food samples days after her rape. After she was coerced by the police, Adler was charged with gross misdemeanor and she took a plea deal with a $500 fine. 

Adler had to live with society’s cruel comments, losing her job, her friends and her family. She isolated herself and had gone to therapy all because she was scared to admit the truth.

Once rapist Marc O’Leary was arrested three years later, in the last episode, the old detective from her case showed up to her new job to tell her that a photo of her driver’s license was found among his things. Yet, compared to the true story, the head of criminal-investigations division showed up at Adler’s door to tell her that her photo had been found. 

Being put through horrible situations, having life stripped away from her, Adler restored to a request of a personal apology from the lead detective and in 2014, Adler sued and settled with the city for $150,000. 

The similarties between Adler’s rape and all the other victims was shocking. A pink Sony digital camera used to take pictures of them, making them shower for at least 10 minutes, taking all bed sheets away to remove any chance of evidence; a description that fit Adler’s accusation too. 

“Unbelievable” opens the eyes of people around the world. Rape is horrific. With such specific details from the assault, I don’t understand how detectives restored to falsely accusing Adler of lying. Everyone needs to watch this gruesome story unfold, which could perhaps prevent another one from happening again.