Lozito earns state golf award

Ava Lozito hitting her finishing drive at Forsgate CC

Photo courtesy of Ava Lozito

By Gia Arrowood, Features Editor and Social Media Editor

West Essex Junior, Ava Lozito, is a vital member of the varsity golf team and a successful individual player outside of school. Lozito travels all over the country to participate in numerous tournaments throughout the year. Ava had a stellar year both at West Essex and outside of school. With her accomplishments and success this past year, Lozito was named the NJPGA Junior Tour Girls Player of the Year for ages 16-18. 

“I saw how great Ava was doing over the summer,” Varsity Golf coach, John Regan said. “It was not a surprise to me that she won the NJPGA Junior Player of the Year award. She was awesome and deserved to be recognized.” 

Ava was awarded for her hard work and success in all of her tournaments. Although it was not a surprise to Ava’s coach, she was excited, but also humbly expecting it.

“When I found out I received this award I was very excited and honored, since New Jersey is one of the most competitive junior golf regions in the country,” Lozito said. 

Ava puts in a lot of hard work to stay on top of the junior golf rankings. Lozito is ranked 870 out of 3,500 in the nation. 

She takes a lot of pride in her success, but credits a lot of it to her biggest motivator, her dad. 

“He got me into golf at a young age and has been helping me ever since,” Lozito said. “He brings me to all of my tournaments and always motivates me to play my best. Besides that, he is my biggest fan and does whatever he can to support and encourage me.”

Not only is Ava able to maintain being a phenomenal golfer, she balances golf with difficult academic classes, and being a part of the field hockey team. 

Ava has two high school golf seasons left, and everyone is expecting big things from the newest NJPGA player of the year.