Kick back, relax and make it an actual vacation

By Danielle Schwartz, Editor-in-Chief

For 185 days, students stress over exams, extracurriculars and responsibilities. By the time summer rolls around, it is vital to take a break and recharge. Hit ‘snooze’ on that alarm and indulge in a day of no plans.

While the weather is warm, students should spend time outdoors, enjoying the calming nature. Natural sunlight gives off Vitamin D, which boosts moods and is good for bone strength. There are plenty of outdoor activities exclusive to the summertime. When there are three inches of ice and snow on the ground in winter, biking, hiking and boating aren’t going to be on the top of your list. Take advantage of that summer sun and embark on these adventures while optimal conditions allow you.

Doing “nothing” is more productive than it seems. Free time is healthy for the mind. Brains need breaks, which they often don’t get during the ten months students spend glued to computer screens and textbooks. By sleeping late and snapping out of the school year’s monotonous routine, students can regenerate and return to school in the fall, refreshed rather than burnt out.

Summer vacation presents opportunities to indulge passions and interests that students would otherwise not have the time to explore. Whether reading a new book, picking up a new hobby or going on a road trip, spontaneous activities can make summer fun and different from the school year. All people need to experience changes in environment and pace to keep from falling into a rut; summer is the perfect time for this.

By relieving the pressure of work, students can explore personal projects of creativity. These will brighten up resumes by showing passion and individualism. It is crucial for students to be well-rounded, and there is no time like the summer to balance out. So save your work for the school year and give yourself a well-deserved break.