Seniors recommend which classes students should take

By Denise Domerstad, Staff Writer

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“Power Mechanics because it’s a lot of hands-on building, which is fun.” –Noah Rombough ’19




“I recommend people take Food and Sports Nutrition with Mrs. Boymann because it was fun and interesting and I got to cook.”
–Angelo Cewall ’19



“True Crime because McNaught’s the teacher and I hear about interesting cases.”
–Gianna Hicks ’19




“Everyone should take forensics, Colabelli is a really good teacher and it is really interesting. It’s definitely not boring.” –Serena Petullo ’19



“Band because I get to see a lot of my good friends and do something I really enjoy.” –Nicholas Petrarca ’19




“Satire and Comedy with Mr. McNaught because we get to analyze funny and satirical films.” –Valentino Leon ’19