Crazy, campy celebs step out at Met Gala 2019

By Candace Ortman, Arts & Culture Editor

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The pink carpet at the annual Met Gala was flooded with lots of feathers, crazy hair and some truly campy outfits. On May 6, Hollywood’s hottest names showed up for the Met Gala dressed to impress in this year’s theme, Camp fashion.

Many people were a little confused as to what Camp fashion truly is. The Met Gala’s official Instagram had a question and answer for fans to ask about the event. When asked for a summary of camp fashion, they provided several adjectives to define it: “Exaggerated. Extravagant. Gaudy. Ironic. Kitschy. Tongue-in-cheek. It’s undoubtedly one of the Met Gala’s most open-ended themes to date, which should make this year’s red carpet looks all the more interesting.”

Embed from Getty Images

Some celebs took a more extravagant approach by having a dramatic entrance. These stars included Lady Gaga, Billy Porter and Zendaya. Lady Gaga had not one, not two, not three but four different looks on the carpet. Her crazy campy style throughout her career earned her a spot as co hostess alongside Harry Styles.

Billy Porter descended the stairs with six people holding him above their head wearing an all-gold ensemble accessorized with large wings.

Zendaya had her stylist play her fairy-godfather while she dressed as Cinderella. These three stars landed themselves on many people’s best dressed lists.

The Jenner sisters solidified their reputation as the most fashionable duo this year. Kendall and Kylie posed for tons of pictures together with stunning gowns. Kylie wore a purple dress while Kendall wore a bright orange one.

The challenge of the Met Gala is to look good while remaining on theme. The biggest fashion event of the year is everyone’s chance to show off the most creative look they can come up with.