Students showcase artwork in annual Art Show

By Giuliana Calix, Arts & Culture Editor

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The annual West Essex Art Show presented a gallery of the students’ best work from this past school year on May 2. The exhibition showcased pieces from woodshop, fashion illustration, computer graphics, studio art, drawing and composition and digital photography classes.

Students utilized the opportunity to feel good about their hard work, while also motivating students from other classes. They got to showcase their talents and the work they created in their art courses. Each AP art student got an easel to set up a display of their favorite art pieces throughout the year. Bella Valle, one of many of the school’s best artist, shared her perspective of the art show.

“I’m very proud of myself of how far I have come,” senior Bella Valle said. “It makes me very happy to see all of my work, and everybody else’s work being hung up for people to see.”

Entering work into the art show was a selective process. Each student picked out one or more of their pieces with help from their teacher. Then at the end, artwork was eligible for feedback. There were group critiques at the end of every unit, where students spoke about their process and received commentary from their fellow peers. Art teacher, Amanda Procaccino, is one of the teachers that ran the show.

“It is very satisfying to see all of your students’ hard work all together in one space,” Ms. Procaccino said. “It’s also incredible to see how much students have grown from September, and from year to year. I always love seeing what my students do in the years following my class.”

The students and teachers worked very hard to put it all together and make it better than years before. With work from a range of first-year artists to AP students, the collection was diverse.