Came for the music, stayed for the fashion: Coachella 2019

By Candace Ortman, Arts & Culture Editor

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Coachella rocked on from  April 12- April 14  then for a second weekend on April 19 – April 21. Some new trends emerged in celebs’ outfits. The festival has been going on for a while and the fashion has evolved greatly over the years.

Fanny packs

Instagram photo taken from @ashlyschwan

These small belt bags have been making a comeback for a few years at Coachella. Lots of celebrities and influencers were sporting these conventional bags with their coachella looks.  





Glitter/face jewels

Instagram photo taken from @loren

This coachella was filled with body and face glitter in all different colors. Many people place them above and below their eyes and in the center of their forehead. These jewels add a super cute effect to any simple outfit.






Face masks 

Instagram photo taken from @graysondolan

In the desert, there is a lot of dust so many festival goers tie a mask around their mouths and noses to keep the dust out. It also adds a super cute element especially when the masks are designer.