OPINION: Don’t travel just to brag


By Monica Barker, Opinion Editor

Why go to Canada in the midsts of winter where it is negative 15 °F and there are wind chills of negative 20 °F ? Obviously to post in those puffy Canada Goose jackets with bulky scarves and hats. I’ll admit I, along with the majority of people, went away in order  to show off via social medias.

From what it seems like, some people don’t go away to actually travel and visit the world, but to post their travels on Instagram and make their feed look more “trendy” and acceptable. What I’ve come to notice about people traveling, is that all they want is the attention that comes with it. It’s becoming superficial not to be genuinely adventurous.

“I go to famous places, take pictures, post them on Instagram and then flex on my followers,” senior Jimmy Zhang said.

Sure people still go backpacking across the world, but with a GoPro taped to their head to film every second, seeking jealousy.

“I went to a lake house and attached my GoPro to my head just to film falling off a tube and going underwater,” Senior Matt Cusano said. “The only reason I bought the GoPro was for that trip.”

Some people plan a vacation to show it off, booking expensive tours with the idea of being there for everyone to know. Not to live the experience on their own.

For one, Instagram famous people travel to exotic locations such as Fiji as sponsors. These famous people post their experiences, which makes people want to go away, mimic their pictures and post the same thing.

“Honestly I think about going to Bermuda just so I can post to make my Instagram page look happier like all those Insta famous girls,” Junior Mia Servidio said.

It seems like people are trying to fit in with the influencers by showing off what they’re doing, rather than being in the moment of vacation. What I want, for people to go away to enjoy the world and explore what there is out there. Give a break on bragging all the time. Not everything is a competition, there should be some type of fine line between taking in vacation and showing off.