Music students look forward to upcoming Disney trip

By Olivia Lieberman, News Editor

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The chorus, band and orchestra are traveling to Walt Disney World to participate in workshops and perform in front of other schools from Mar. 29 to April 2. The trip takes place every four years, and the students have the opportunity to work with real Disney professionals, perform at a concert and march in the parade. We spoke with students attending the trip to see how they felt about the upcoming experience.


Kristen Deangelis, Chorus, ’19

“I’ve never been to Disney before, so I’m very excited to be there with my friends. It’s also going to be super cool to work with professionals in the music industry.”


Nicholas Stampone, Band, ’20

“This is an opportunity that only comes once every four years, and to be able to go is really special.  The teachers have been working super hard to make sure it’s perfect, and the talented musicians in the department have earned it.”


Amanda Broemmer, Orchestra, ’19

“I’m extremely excited for the days in the park, warm weather, performing on stage, working with professionals, and living out one of the final parts of my senior bucket list.”


George Ashji, Band, ’21

“I’m excited for this trip because it is going to give me insight on how professional musicians perform in Disney during the workshops. Marching the parade will also be an unforgettable experience”


Dean Troiano, Orchestra, ’21

“Although I’ve been to Florida before, I’m very excited to be going to Disney, and I am looking forward to just the experience in general”