Spring sports tryouts are in full swing

By Josie Berger, Sports editior

Spring sports tryouts are an exciting and nerve wracking time for many athletes. These tryouts, for all of the nine spring sports teams, determine an athlete’s position or standing on the team for the duration of the season, so it is very important for every athlete to put their best foot forward.

Each team has their own method for tryouts or determining which athletes will be placed on JV or varsity. For example, the track team will do timed events to see who will run which events for the season.

“I really like the way track does tryouts because it not only shows what events everyone should be running, but you are also able to compare yourself to the start of the season,” junior Jenna Can said. “Since we time our events at the start and conclusion of the season, it is great to see how all of your hard work pays off.”

The softball team uses tryouts to see which athletes will be placed on JV or varsity. All of the athletes are split into groups of infield and outfield, and everyone does hitting and conditioning drills together. After this, the coaches split the athletes into two different teams, but people are moved back and forth from JV and varsity until halfway through April.

“Tryouts can be very stressful at times because the coaches are looking for the best and you want to do really well, but you obviously can’t always be perfect,” Francesca Apito said. “I just always try to do my best no matter what and have a positive attitude about it.”