Chilling horror hits guaranteed to have the audience hiding

By Brenna Campanaro, Arts and Culture Editor

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The talented M. Night Shyamalan combines the 2000’s hit “Unbreakable” and 2016’s “Split” together to create the explosive thriller “Glass.” James McAvoy, who plays Kevin Wendell Crumb, plays an unhinged character with homicidal tendencies. Before its release on Jan. 18, the trailer had viewers excited to see what was going to happen.

“47 Meters Down: Uncaged”
The sequel to “47 Meters Down” follows in the first movie’s footsteps with the story of four teens diving into deep waters to find themselves not alone, but with the deadliest shark species. Director Johannes Roberts portrays the horror of the cavernous oceans in this film, set to be released on June 28.

“Happy Death Day 2U”
Director Christopher Landon decided to make a second version of “Happy Death Day.” In this sequel, Tree Gelbman is stuck in a time-lapse loop in order to save herself as well as her friends from a taunting and insane masked killer. Released on Feb. 13, “Happy Death Day 2U” has watchers screaming in their seats.

“Escape Room”
Released on Jan. 4 and directed by Adam Robitel, “Escape Room” already has some great reviews. This movie not only has it’s thriller side to it, but its action-filled as well. The plot of having six strangers enter an escape room and fighting for their life or death brings a suspenseful yet exciting aspect to it.