Why W.E. love Albo

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In honor of beloved substitute Mr. Albanese’s 50th anniversary of teaching at West Essex, we asked students and teachers to share the reasons they love him.

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  • "He's very calm and he actually cares about students. He always wants to help out." --Sara Lonergan '19

  • "If he sees me doing math homework and he's my substitute he's always willing to help." --Abby Rondi '19

  • "He's a beast." --Jack Bohrer '21 "Whenever I have him as a substitute it's always something to look forward to" --Corrine Kessler '21

  • "He's one of the sweetest human beings I've ever met." --Antonella Melillo '21

  • "Albo is very passionate about the students and the community. He loves all the students greatly, and has made a positive impact on every student that he talks to." --Andie Steinberg '20

  • "He is always kind and supportive. Albo has made my experience at West Essex much more welcoming and comfortable." --Shaila Spritzer '22

  • "He's an angel." --Ava Frankie '21

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