OPINION: It’s scary to be young in today’s world

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OPINION: It’s scary to be young in today’s world

By Megan Osborne, Staff Writer

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The youth of today has some of the strongest education ever to be received and with that kids are forming their own opinions at younger ages. We’re questioning authority, what’s considered the norm and striving for the best for ourselves.

Since the younger generations have been exposed to social media at such a young age, they have the ability to voice their opinions through a simple Tweet. On Twitter, young kids often get into arguments trying to prove each other wrong. This doesn’t do anything but create unnecessary drama with a stranger.

Social media makes the youth more globally aware, but kids and teens realize there’s a select amount of places to be considered “safe”.  We constantly have to be aware of our surroundings because if we aren’t, we’re at risk of danger.

“I think it’s scary to be young because there’s so much happening in the world and it makes me nervous to even come to school,” said junior Mia Servido.

Social skills have completely changed if you compare them with older generations. We’re not a generation of unity, but rather a generation separated by social status and political beliefs. If someone thinks differently or acts differently, we immediately assume the worst of that person but that shouldn’t happen.

We judge others for what they say, what they wear and how they act, but don’t like it when someone judges us. The youth is rude to one another, causing problems with talking back when feeling disrespected.The issue here is we lack respect for ourselves, authority and peers.

“I think people don’t try to make friends anymore because when they do try and they act like themselves, they don’t fit in or get made fun of,” senior Anna Malone said. “People are afraid of others judging them and only feel close to the friends they’ve known for ages.”

We are faced with harsh reality at such a young age and it feels as though there is little to remember about our childhood. We are told we are the future of America, but even though this is true, we are anything far from perfect. I’m scared for us and what our future holds.

As a young generation there is only so much we can do or say. We need older generations to realize that if they want us to be better then they were and change the world, they need to help us. We know what’s wrong and are acknowledging we need help. It’s time others do the same.