The rises and falls of 2019’s fashion trends

By Sofia Russo, Apprentice

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Here at school, fashion trends are essential to the everyday lives of students. Girls and boys vary in different and fun styles, some new and some old. As 2019 begins, so do the new fashion trends. Girls stick with the staple pieces of joggers, sweatshirts and jean jackets, whereas boys wear a wide variety of khaki’s, sweaters and their typical “comfy” clothes. Here’s are some of 2019’s upcoming trends, as well as some trends that need to go.

Rise of the print

Cheetah print is back on the prowl. Snake print is also slithering it’s way into 2019. You can find these prints on bodysuits, pants, tube tops and many more. Although mostly being paired with black, prints have been a popular trend for girls to wear when going out. Prints may have been so 2007, but it is coming back fast.

Cropped Sweatshirts

Photo by Brenna Campanaro

Sweatshirts have been a staple piece since… forever. They can be dressed up with a jean jacket or dressed down with sweatpants. Cropped has been an upcoming trend for years now, but cropped sweatshirts are new to the fashion scene. They are perfect to pair with joggers, legging or jeans.

Put a pin in it

Hair is an essential accessory to what makes or breaks an outfit. Whether it’s curled, straight or natural, girls leave it up to their finsta vlogs to decide which would look best with their fit. Throw away the pin straight hair, 2019 is bringing back textured hair. Volume and wave is something that you can definitely look to see.

Lace Ups that we’re done with

2018 introduced the lace up trend; the shoelace look-alike trend that started with corsets. A shirt that has holes through it and a different color lace running through it is a an overplayed trend. Throughout the year it has ended up on purses, pants really anything you could think of. This trend has officially been over used, RIP.

Boy UGGs for girls!

Photo by Brenna Campanaro

You won’t be saying “what are those” with this new trend. Boys have been rocking the UGG Neumel boot, otherwise known as the “boy ugg”. Girls loved the look and jumped on the train, and use them to top off a comfy look. They’re easy to slide on and is the perfect shoe for busy mornings getting to school. Girls and boys give up the moccasins and try something new!

Distressed causes us stress

2018 definitely brought in the distressed look. It started with cold top shoulders and ended with sweaters completely torn up at the bottoms. Don’t get it twisted, we love a little distress, but 2019 isn’t going for the “lion attack” look. Leave this trend behind, so entering 2019 will be filled with as little (di)stress as possible.

Bear Coats

Photo by Sofia Russo

This ultra soft and comfy coat has landed on the backs of almost every girl in school. This furry open sweater can take your “comfy look” up a notch or be the finishing touch to the jeans ensemble. This is great for the winter and cold weather and it won’t be going away any time soon.

2018 gave us a lot of trends that were rocked, but it’s time to kiss them goodbye. Embrace the new trends of 2019. Try something new and have fun with it. Remember, as Coco Chanel said: “Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway.”