The process of college recruitment broken down

By Cristian Cataldo, Correspondent

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Almost every athletes dream is playing their favorite sport at the collegiate level. Whether it be a Division 1 or Division 3, athletes are constantly looking to play longer, like a dog playing fetch. They have this light switch mentality where they can turn it on and off. Most athletes though are clueless at the start of their recruitment part of the system.

Many seniors and juniors commit to colleges. Junior, Cameron Kinsella is fresh off her field hockey commitment. Kinsella committed to Brown in June. “I never wanted to leave the campus,” Kinsella said. Many other factors went into her recruitment. Kinsella talked to her parents as well as Coach Jill Cosse and her club coach Amed. Kinsella started to go to camps to at colleges to get coaches to notice her. After the camps were over she would call the coaches asking if they are considering her. After talking to her parents and coaches she finally made a decision to go to Brown.

Coach Benaquista, a six year varsity head football coach, knows the recruitment process very well. To begin the process Benaquista starts off with a meeting with all the juniors after the season ends. But it is never too late to start. Benaquista starts the process then so players aren’t scrambling senior year to start it. He then asks them if they are interested in playing football in college. Benaquista gives papers to the juniors basically asking what colleges do they think they can play football at. He then gets in touch with some college coaches and they stay in contact throughout the year. “ I try not to get involved with their decision but I will help to make an easier decision,” said Benaquista.