Disproving common climate change myths

By Caroline Quinn, Editor-in-Chief

Climate change may seem like a simple idea, but when it comes down to it there are many misconceptions. Most people have only a cursory knowledge of what global warming actually is and how it will affect everyone. We bust some bad takes on the topic.

Global Warming means nicer weather

The name is to blame for this common misconception. Although “warm” is in the title, global warming does not strictly mean the Earth is getting warmer. In fact, global warming has brought on extreme weather of all sorts. Last winter, nearby Newark had its 3rd longest cold snap with temperatures below freezing for two straight weeks. While heat waves are a prevalent side effect, there is much more in store for the environment if the weather patterns continue to be interfered with.

A few degrees don’t matter

During the last ice age, the Earth’s average temperature was only around 5 degrees cooler.

Thick sheets of ice covered entire continents; a few degrees can have a major impact. Over the last century, there has been an increase of only about 1 degree Celsius, but we have already seen a difference. An increase of 1.5 degrees will lead to widespread droughts, massive rise in sea levels and worse natural disasters.

It’s all about recycling

Yes, recycling is important. No, it will not solve all our environmental problems. Recycling can not completely stop the emission of greenhouse gases or cancel out all the other Earth-damaging habits. Carpool, use water bottles and look at our tips on how to be environmentally friendly at school for more ideas. Be proactive and try to replace your daily polluting habits with sustainable ones. It will make a difference.

–Information obtained from Scientific American, WWF and NJ.com