More than a game: ‘Clue’ comes to West Essex

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More than a game: ‘Clue’ comes to West Essex

The cast of

The cast of "Clue" pictured during rehearsal.

The cast of "Clue" pictured during rehearsal.

The cast of "Clue" pictured during rehearsal.

By Shaun Goodman, Managing Editor and Multimedia Director

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It is more than mischief alone; mystery, misconception and murder will arise before the curtains. Get your popcorn ready for the Masquers’ production of “Clue: On Stage High School Edition,” a show sure to leave you on the edge of your seat. On Nov. 2 and 3, audiences can expect a thrilling reenactment of the famous murder-mystery board game and movie.

In the 1985 film, “CLUE,” the dinner-party host, Mr. Boddy is murdered by one of his guests. These guests are unique strangers who have come from all different walks life and were each given pseudonyms upon arrival.

“All the characters are so different,” said sophomore Sofia Pastena, who plays Mrs. Peacock, a wealthy and talkative wife of a corrupt Senator. “The hardest thing is that I had to find a different voice for my character.”

Although it might be a challenge to take on these roles, they are making the most of this opportunity.

“The large number of main characters kind of gives a lot of people a chance to show their skills at character acting,” said senior Teddy Press, who plays Professor Plum, an intellectual professor who wears a bow tie and glasses. “A lot of people are getting to play very animated characters and it is really fun for them to be able to express that.”

Along with unique characters, “Clue” also sports a fast-paced plot that is full of several twists and turns, however, the nature of the play does not leave audiences feeling like deer in headlights.

“The audience will be able to use the clues dropped to guess who they think committed the murder,” Press said.

With less a week left until opening night, the cast of “Clue” is working hard to perfect their lines and acting skills to make this board-game drama come to life.

During this time, dubbed “Tech Week,” the full cast is coming together to rehearse the play on stage and make sure everything is set and ready for the production.

“We’ve got a lot of really cool things to look out for on set too,” director Brittany Miller said. “We have a secret passage way and some interesting lighting effects and sound samples.”

Whether you have played the game or watched the movie, (or have been under a rock), the Masquers’ production of “Clue” is a definite do-not-miss.

The play will be shown on Nov. 2 and Nov. 3. To buy tickets, purchase them online or at the door.