Parents return to the classroom for Back to School Night

By Hayley Brener, Features Editor

Parents got a glimpse of what their children do every day after attending Back to School Night on Oct. 4 in the high school. It was an effective way for the teachers to sell their class to parents and a way for parents to introduce themselves to the teacher.

Parents travel through their child’s schedule and teachers have to prepare a presentation for the parents so they know what the year will entail.

“I usually put together a presentation to show the parents what my class is all about,” math teacher Jeanette Mackesy said. “I pick out important topics and aspects of the class that the parents would be interested in.”

Although every class had at least a few parents, senior parents had the lowest turnout. Many of the senior parents said they have attended Back to School Night for the past three years so their enthusiasm has died down.

“I have an elective with seniors and juniors and I am pretty sure all or most of the parents that showed up were the junior parents,” history teacher Caroline Blanchard said.

Though it can be nerve-wracking to talk to a room of parents, teachers said they are used to it and teaching a classroom of high school kids every day prepares them.

“I get a little nervous and kind of psych myself out before,” math teacher Jaclyn Carollo said. “But then I get going and start talking and I am not nervous anymore.”

Back to School night is interesting for the students too because many are curious about what their parents will think of their teachers.

“It’s always so funny to see what my parents have to say about my teachers,” senior Sam Rosenberg said. “I look forward to hearing their first impressions of my teachers and I’m even surprised by some of their reactions.”