Spritzer shows her skill as only freshman on Girls JV Tennis


Photo by Gab Kesh

By Josie Berger, Sports Editor

Shaila Spritzer is the only freshman on the girls tennis team and has helped lead them to success this season. Her outgoing personality and persistence contribute to the JV girls accomplishments. Shaila answered a few questions about her position and friendships with her team.

How have you adjusted to being on a team without anyone else in your grade?

At first it was hard to be the only freshman on the team because I didn’t know a lot of people, but everyone introduced themselves and were really nice. It wasn’t as hard as I imagined to make friends.

Have you made friendships with the upperclassmen?

Yes, I’ve become good friends with many of the upperclassmen; it is fun to have friends in other grades.

Were you nervous to try out for tennis?

I was pretty nervous … but I like the sport, so I was really excited to play for the school.

What is your favorite part about being on the team/ playing tennis in general?

Being able to improve my tennis skills everyday and play with the team.

Did you have any expectations for the season? If so, what were they and have they been accomplished?

Going into the season, I really wanted to be at the top of JV. I knew it would be hard to get to this spot, but I worked my hardest to accomplish that goal.