Girls volleyball team makes a big comeback this season


(Photo courtesy of Anna Rose Mihalik) The girls volleyball team is off to a strong start this year with an 8-1 record so far.

By Josie Berger, Sports Editor

After a tough last season, the girls varsity volleyball team is making a comeback with an 8-1 record. The team has a strong dynamic and hard work ethic that contributes to their success.

With a total of 11 members, each individual athlete brings a different level of skill and determination to the game. This year, the athletes have great relationships, resulting in dedicated teamwork.

“Our strong bond allows us to win and do well in our games,” junior Dana Stelter said. “The more we work together, the better we do.”

This season, a challenge for them has been playing each game with consistency. The team has a great record so far, but is always looking to improve their game.

“We are very locked into our games and very focussed on winning,” junior Zoe Offir said. “I think that if we try our best in every game we play, we will end up being extremely successful.”

The training this season has been more intense and more technical, including bleacher runs and drills. The team is engaging in special exercises that are contributing to all of their achievements.

Since the volleyball team just recently changed divisions, they do not have a rival team, but are looking forward to playing against Columbia High School and hopefully winning their division. Columbia is a very tough team to beat, but West Essex is working very hard to come out on top.

“I am really looking forward to playing Columbia because even though the game will be tough, I think it will be a lot of fun!” Offir said.

On top of beating Columbia, the team has many other goals they are hoping to accomplish such as to keep on improving and possibly win the elite championship.

“Everyday we want to get better and be better than day before,” coach William Humes said.

Coach Humes has been leading the varsity girls so far this season, and with his guidance, they hope to come out on top. His advice has been significant in his athletes’ minds when entering their games.

“Play for that moment,” Coach Humes said, “enjoy the moment you are in because it goes by very fast.”