STAFF EDITORIAL: Trump’s tweets betray the idea of democracy

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“As has been stated by multiple legal scholars, I have the absolute right to PARDON myself, but why would I do that when I have done nothing wrong?”

The words of President Trump, mostly through his Twitter account, have oftentimes been controversial and bizarre, but never so challenging to American democracy as these. On June 4, Trump tweeted this message to those who said he ought to be tried for alleged collusion with Russia. In a time where the idea of American democracy grows more confused every day, our president’s words are concerning at best, dangerous at worst to our government.

Whether you are Republican, Democrat or independent, it is important to realize that ideas and words like these are against the ideals that the United States was founded on. It is true that Trump has divided America in a way not seen since before the Civil Rights Movement. Even if you are a Trump supporter, it seems to be in our best interest to disparage these kinds of comments whoever they are from.

Virtually everyone in this country wants the same thing: a good life and a free life. The only difference is everyone has their own way of getting there. The words of our president cannot be ignored or buried because they directly correlate to the life we live. We as a country must stand up for justice so that we can continue to bask in the glow of freedom.

After all, the Declaration of Independence does not say “I the president”—it says “We the People.”