What’s been happening online?

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What’s been happening online?

By Shaun Goodman, Managing Editor & Multimedia Director

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Over the past few weeks, our Wessex Wire staff has been updating our social media accounts with great content. Though, you probably missed our recent posts. Why? Let’s be honest, you were probably busy checking out the third edition of Hangin’ with Heath. If you were out of the loop, it is all okay because here is a recap of our highlights.

Chipotle Challenge Video:

Features editor Sam Spero recently spent a whole weekend only eating food from Chipotle. As the weekend rolled on, excitement to eat burritos, quesadillas and chips for her meals turned into utter misery. Despite many complaints saying “I’m sick,” or “I really don’t want to do this anymore,” Spero was persistent to complete the challenge. Head to The Wessex Wire YouTube Channel to watch Spero as she tackled this daunting task.

Cardi B Impressions Video:

Some of the Wire staff went around and asked student and faculty to do their best imitations of Cardi B. Whether you like the artist or not, she has taken over the radio waves and media not only because of her music, but also due to her unique sounds. Check out @thewessexwire on Instagram to see the West Essex community give it their best shot to mimic the so-called “cat going through pain” sound and her original replacement word for “okay.”

Vine Remakes:

Features editor Sam Spero recently hit up the West Essex cafeteria during study periods to remake popular vines with students. Prior to shutting down, the social media app was recognized for its signature entertainment style; six-second clips. Find the “drop your croissants” vine as well as others recreations on our Instagram page.