Does It Bother You? My business is none of your business

By Hannah McCrone, Opinion Editor

Does it bother you that your business is never just your own? As teenagers, drama is constantly being passed around us, to us, or about us. From an early age we have heard gossip or shared gossip. What bothers me so much about this cycle, however, is that it seems like your own business is never yours anymore.

Telling one friend something personal can somehow snowball into the world knowing exactly what happened, exactly how you feel and exactly what you didn’t want the whole world knowing. Rumors suddenly swirl, labels are created and somehow you’re being told the story you’ve just told your friend – only different. This story has been passed around, added to, taken from and they retold so many times you’re not even sure it’s about you anymore – but everyone’s saying it is.

It bothers me that these rumors suddenly become the truth to anyone who hears them. Instead of laughing them off or ignoring them like you want to, you’re forced to handle them. You find yourself having to explain personal matters to the whole world simply so they’ll stop sharing false statements with anyone that’ll listen. It bothers me, it probably bothers you and it’s just unfair.

As a private person, I share very little. Only my closest friends are privy to my feelings and even them I’m not going to share everything with. Maybe if I was someone more open, this wouldn’t bother me so much. I might be able to thrive under the speculation and fire back harder against the rumors. But having my personal business out in the open for every person I know – and even some I don’t – to give their unwanted opinions on is not something I can ignore.

In today’s world, in high school especially, there are no boundaries. Anyone can ask you anything without breaking societal rules. This behavior is rude and intrusive, but unless you want to come off as unsociable or standoffish, you’re expected to openly offer up the information. That’s not a fair expectation and not something I’m personally OK with.

It bothers me that I don’t have any privacy because of today’s culture. It bothers me that I have to worry about what others think because, if I don’t, rumors are created. And it bothers me that I have to bother with any of it at all.